10 Travel Tips for 2022

As the coronavirus continues to spread many countries have chosen to resume tourism. If you are among the ones that choose to travel you should be aware that travel requirements vary between countries. The rules change even between state to state and city to city so try to stay abreast of the current requirements to stay out of trouble.

When traveling in these conditions one should remember that the situation is fluid and plans should be made for emergencies. You don’t have to look far to see examples of this issue. The Norwegian Escape stopped sailing 4 days before its scheduled dock but that didn’t mean passengers got to leave the ship immediately. The Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity cruise liners diverted to the Bahamas with all passengers aboard to avoid being impounded because the cruise lines did not pay their fule bill.

You never know what will happen so plan for the worst and hope for the best.

How To Prepare for Travel in 2022

  1. Use a Travel Agent

  2. Choose a destination open to your country.

  3. Stay updated on COVID-19 protocols, travel guidelines, and restrictions.

    Check the CDC website for the latest travel updates.

  4. Buy travel insurance.

  5. Print several copies of your travel documents and Passport photo page.

  6. Register with the Consulate.

  7. Arrange for someone to pick up or hold your mail

  8. Arrange for your house or apartments security while you are gone.

  9. Review Baggage Requirements

  10. Pack The Essentials

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Leif the Traveling Wayfinder
Leif the Traveling Wayfinder
Leif is a Wayfinder for travelers, nomads, wanderers, and adventurers on their journies through the world. For 8 years he was a Pathfinder for the Foreign Legion and circled the globe 3 times in their service.

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